Aparajita”(The Undefeated) , is a documentary about 3 women and their grass root activism in Orissa, India.

When the needs are infinite, it doesn’t need a revolution to change everything. Through this documentary, we try to understand, how 3 simple women, have done immense work in their life to touch human lives, and still remain down to earth.  Monorama Mohapatra once ran the most published and popular news paper in Orissa, still walks down to the slums around her small city to teach kids. Annapurna Maharana, walked along Gandhi in India’s freedom movement, at the age of 91, still ready to work for the root causes of women and education. Tulsi Munda, never went to school herself, but now has dedicated her life to bring education to most interior places of the state.  And to achieve these, they do not make elaborative plan, or dependent on any multinational corporations, nor funding from various government agencies, they do it all purely with their own will, effort and people from the region who get the most benefit out of their work.

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Annapurna Moharana

Since she was 13, she followed the Gandhian tradition of peaceful protest; refusing to compromise with corruption or oppression, she marched along Gandhi and her own mother in India’s freedom movement. She continued her work in independent India on issues ranging from setting up a tribal residential school for girls, sensitizing dacoits (members of robber bands) to pacifism, and resisting the 1975 emergency, to setting up a nursing training center that recruits and trains young women in maternity services. Her dreams and determination has not altered even at the age of 91.




Manorama Mohapatra

Former editor of the oldest and still very popular newspaper, Samaj, Ms Mohapatra has dedicated her life towards literature and grass root social activism in Orissa. She has been bestowed with various awards and honors for her works. After retiring from her editorial job, she dedicates her life in bringing education to underprivileged children.


Tulasi Munda

Inspired by Vinoba Bhave's ideals, the illiterate Tulasi Munda opened a school under a Mahua tree for children of tribal mine workers. Today she is known for her mission to spread literacy among the underprivileged and the tribal people through her schools and hostels across Orissa. She firmly believes the seed of education in the village would someday grow into a huge tree to provide shades of relief to the ill fated populace of the area that suffered from abject negligence and lack of development. She was awarded Padma Shri in 2001 by the Government of India.