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Yunuen is passionate about the arts and working with her is a stimulating experience. She embraces all projects and always has innovative ideas to enhance productions. Additionally, she is a talented videographer. In one short year, she has created several films for Voices Breaking Boundaries, has done installations, participated in numerous radio interviews, and has deeply invested in our organization to help strengthen the artistic and social impact of our productions.—Sehba Sarwar, Founding and Artistic Director,
Voices Breaking Boundaries


Filmmaker Yunuen Perez Vertti has been a collaborator of mine for years. She is an artist of the highest caliber. Her camera work is courageous and inventive, and at the same time, refined and poetic. As an editor she has an uncanny eye for fluidity and balance, combined with the technical expertise to achieve her artistic vision. Her creative mind, impressive skills, and enthusiastic approach make her an invaluable and sought after asset to any project.— Michele Brangwen, Artistic Director, Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble

Dec 28, 2014 - Yunuen's short Documentary "In the Heart of Women, healing through art" is realeased as part of the webseries ARTCAST season 2.
September 2013 - Aparajita (The Undefeated) Documentary Finalist @ The Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival. Aparajita Trailer

Yunuen & her family participate in SWAMP's Citizen Film Maker Competition. Here is her entry. If you like it. Click like on youtube.

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Yunuen acted as Production manager for TEDxSugarland. Click here to watch one of my favorite TEDxSugarLand Talks.
A few new videos uploaded to vimeo and you tube.

For more info about our documentary "Aparajita (The Undefeated)" click here

Yunuen participates as DP and Editor on a creative short video, written and produce by Janet Benton. Click here to watch