Originally from Mexico City, filmmaker and media artist Yunuen Perez Vertti, recently relocated to Vancouver, BC after been based in Houston, TX for 15 yrs. She moves between her first home, Houston, Mexico, her hometown, and India, her husband’s home. An independent filmmaker with a global vision, Perez Vertti has produced films for many organizations including Greater VanGogos, Burnaby Heights Neighborhood Association, Rice University, University of Houston, Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble, Avance, SER Jobs for progress, and Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB).
In 2009-10, Perez Vertti collaborated with the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble on their short films, Get Outside, filmed on location in Sweden with the Norrbotten Big Band. She has created video projections of dance on camera designed to overlap with sections of live dance in the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble A Note from Guantanamo and Sweet Land. Her video created to accompany composer Arthur Gottschalk's work for percussion and electro-acoustic sound environment, Voices in My Head, was described by Linda Phoenix in her review for Dance Source Houston as: "an elegant pairing of music with visual art." This collaboration was featured as part of FotoFest’s 2006 Biennial dedicated to the themes of The Earth & Artists Responding to Violence.
Her short film, East Meets East, a mix of images from Pakistan and Houston’s East End was screened at VBB’s season opener in 2009, and her documentary on VBB’s Living Room Art series is featured on the organization’s home page. Perez Vertti also produced a larger VBB video project funded by the Texas Commission on the Arts to explore the history of Houston’s Wards, an initiative inspired by her audio installation for VBB’s Art Car Sprawl in the First Ward in May 2010. In 2009-10, Perez Vertti join hands with her husband to produced their first short documentary, "Aparajita" The undefeated. The documentary has been succesfully screened at Tasveer Seattle South Asian Film Festival and Topanga Film Festival.
Perez Vertti has an associate degree in video production from the Art Institute of Houston. Currently, she is working on several independent projects.